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Pool design

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A Backyard destination

Your whole outdoor space experience can be transformational when including a pool.

It’s a feature that provides daily pleasure in so many diverse ways. It’s an easy way to keep fit, a place the kids never tire of, the center of an outdoor party, or simply a tranquil escape.

Backyard with a inground pool, natural stone patio, landscaping, outdoor lighting, water feature

Your Backyard is where Life Happens

Turn the largest space in your home… into a daily vacation.

Backyards are so much more than hardscapes and plants. The backyard is the stage where our lives are played out everyday.

It’s the backdrop for time spent with the family, dinner conversations with old friends and it’s the place you escape to when you just need a little time to yourself.

Landscape design created by a professional designer for an inground pool project

Inground pool design

We design your overall Backyard, including the pool

A pool company is not there to design your overall backyard space. They are there to give you a pool. We co ordinate with your pool builder to create a well planned backyard space.

We provide a great deal of value by ensuring your pool will “Visually Read” as one part of a coherent backyard environment.

By creating the “feel” of a multi functional outdoor living area… that includes the pool….. the space becomes viewed as an asset instead of a liability.

Landscape design for backyard with a pool
Landscaping and patio around a pool
inground pool design, pergola, landscaping, patio, swimming pool
inground pool and overall backyard design
pool landscaping-patio-Rochester-NY

What we do

As professionals, our intentions are to add value not only to your home but to your lifestyle.

We work collectively with your pool contractor & tradesmen including:

  • Pool installer
  • Concrete Masons
  • Fence company
  • Grading contractor

why it matters

A design Ensures an overall cohesive backyard

When you’re advised by the right people, with your best interest at heart, a pool can add value to your home and lifestyle.

Thinking through the entire backyard – pool, hardscapes and plants – helps you focus your goals in the beginning and provides a touchstone for decisions down the line so you don’t end up with a mishmash of awkward proportions.

Landscape designer using a tablet for landscape design

Pool Design
Cost & Process

what to expect

We offer exceptional design services, presenting homeowners in the Rochester area with a plan that makes the most of their property.

Landscape designs done by landscape architect

Pool design | Pool landscaping

Inground Pools

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