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design expertise | lasting value.

My name is Bill Carr, owner of Woodstream Landscape Inc. I am a NYSNLA landscape Designer and I have been designing and installing high quality Landscape projects throughout Webster for over 25 years.

While we have numerous project photos on this website, there is a lot to be said for being able to show customers some local landscape projects.

With that in mind, below are a few addresses of jobs in the Webster area.

Backyard landscaping, pool, patio

Webster Landscaping

Some Webster homes we've landscaped |
See addresses below

Landscaping Webster NY 43 Watersong Trail

43 Watersong Trail

Front Landscaping | 2011.
Backyard landscaping | 2014

Webster Landscaping 36 Watersong Trail

36 Watersong Trail

Front Landscaping | 2017.
Landscape Makeover

Natural Stone fireplace

56 Watersong Trail

Front Landscaping | 2007

Webster Landscaping 67 Watersong Trail

67 Watersong Trail
( landscape renovation )

Backyard Landscaping | 2020
Backyard Only

Landscaping Webster 71 Watersong Trail

71 Watersong Trail
( Landscape Makeover )

Front Yard Landscaping | 2017
Backyard Landscaping | 2016

Landscaping Webster 40 Hampstead Drive

40 Hamstead Drive
New Landscaping

Front Yard Landscaping | 2016 Backyard Landscaping & Pool | 2018

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Why are our projects always so different ?

Mostly it is about creative and thoughtful design.

What We Do

We design and install your landscaping project.

We provide an exceptional landscape design and package it with our landscape installation services.

We first invest time in the design phase because it’s the single most important step in ensuring a long lasting project.

landscape design drawn by professional landscape designer
Landscape design drawn by professional landscape designer
Landscape designer presenting landscape design
Backyard landscaping, paver patio, pool house

why it matters

Expert Design | The extra benefit of working with us

Our Top End expertise in Landscape Design is unique when comparing Rochester area landscape companies. 

This design expertise is baked into your project, creating long lasting spaces that will add value to your home, not maintenance and frustration.

backyard patio and fireplace
Front yard landscaping creating curb appeal
Landscaping and patio for pool in Webster NY
Front yard landscaping and sidewalkj

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services | Webster NY

The added benefit of having the right design, is less maintenance. Much less maintenance!!

Have you ever spent a lazy afternoon or evening with friends out on the patio, only to look back and think, “That was a terrible time!”

When you’re advised by the right people, with your best interest at heart, a pool can add value to your home and lifestyle.

Transform a drab, dysfunctional yard into a space that enhances and complements your home’s architecture.

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