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Vision | artistry | 25 Years of experience

Woodstream landscape

A design oriented landscape company in Rochester NY

My name is Bill Carr, owner of Woodstream Landscape Inc. I am a NYSNLA landscape Designer and I have been designing and installing high quality Landscape projects throughout Monroe County for over 25 years. 

As professional landscape designer, my intentions are to add value not only to your home but to your lifestyle.

Landscape Designer working with tablet and laptop

Design Matters...

Think of landscape design as a recipe. If the plan is substandard, then the cake will never taste right.

If you are investing money in improving your landscaping, you should expect top end results that will have a lasting impact on your property.

This takes the right combination of landscaping ingredients used in a creative and thoughtful design. It is a recipe that not every chef can prepare properly. 

landscape design and tools used by a landscape designer
Landscape designer presenting landscape design
Landscape design for backyards in Rochester NY
New landscaping with a pool. patio, landscaping for a Backyard in Webster NY

The completed project can only be as good as the design concept upon which it is based.

Frederick Law Olmstead

Landscape Architect

The value we add...

Our expertise in Landscape Design is unique when comparing Rochester area landscaping companies.

Exceptional design adds great value to your landscaping project. It ensures maximum appeal & function for your property, providing years of enjoyment and great memories.

And since we’re such a small team, you’ll have access to a tight-knit, professional group that knows exactly what they’re doing when it gets to the construction phase.

landscape design for backyard and outdoor living area
Backyard patio & landscaping
landscaping Backyard. landscape lighting, flagstone patio, plantings.
Landscape design for backyard in Webster NY

It’s helpful to think of landscape design as a recipe. If the recipe is substandard, then the cake will never taste right.

Landscape Design

We offer exceptional design services, presenting homeowners in the Rochester area with a plan that makes the most of their property.

Extensive time and detail is put into our plans so that during the construction process there are as few unexpected issues as possible. It is for this reason we charge a fee for design work.

Landscape Designer working with tablet and laptop

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