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Vision | artistry | 25 Years of experience

Woodstream landscape

A design oriented landscape company in Rochester NY


We can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces. We start with an insightful design, taking into account the unique attributes of your homes architecture as well as existing trees, plants and site structures.

The true value of a landscape is only fully realized as it stands the test of time. As landscapes grow and mature they either add or subtract from a homes perceived value.

In order to add value, especially over time, a landscape must be based on a solid framework of design principles.

high quality Backyard landscaping project
Backyard landscaping, natural stone, firepit, stone wall, landscape lighting
new sidewalk after renovation
landscape design and tools used by a landscape designer
Front yard landscaping, natural stone pillar, natural stone walkway

We Do

Landscaping design & installations

  • Landscape design
  • Landscaping installation
  • Hardscapes
  • Pool design
  • pool landscaping


A well planned front yard landscape will boost curb appeal and contribute to your homes value.

A good design based on sound design principles, insures the composition of the house and its surroundings won’t visually fall apart as it matures. Helping to retain the front curb appeal

Front yard landscape design


Your outdoor spaces impact the way you spend your leisure time.

A outdoor living area represents rare moments of recreation and relaxation. It’s no wonder they rank high on homeowner and home buyers’ wish lists.

Landscape design created by a professional designer for an inground pool project

Landscape Design Cost

landscape Design | what to expect

We offer a free initial consultation, but we can’t be accurate until we do a design.

It’s a small commitment early on in the process, so that you can make good decisions and avoid surprises later. We like to say, “a little up front, or a lot more later.”

Design cost for renovations is usually about $200-$400

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